24 parts dust removal system

Laser Parts advantage

Tianchen laser independent research and development design, H1230 adopts "double straight" air duct structure, with 24 dust removal ports, rapid dust removal, air purification, dust removal effect is excellent;

Automatic start and stop system, compared with the traditional partition dust removal is more energy saving. 

Traditional large area laser cutting machine dust removal is a weak link;

Tianchen machine's bottom is equipped with fireproof cloth, increasing the sealing of the bottom of the bed, making it better absorb the smoke and dust generated by cutting. Horizontal width increase, specially adopt double dust

elimination air duct, two fans work alternately. Protect guide rail from pollution and extend service life, Protect rack and pinion to avoid dust affecting meshing accuracy;Ensure high precision and stability of machine tools

Protect operators from dust damage and ensure the workshop environment is clean.

The moving parts adopt special electric cylinder, which is maintenance-free.