Super fast exchange platform

Laser Parts advantage

Cylinder lock, chain-type transmission, let the machine running more stable. Table roller adopts eccentric wheel structure to ensure the height of each wheel is consistent and play the supporting role. Platform exchange time super fast, finish in 10S, high efficiency.


Adopting Chain-type parallel exchange platform, the inverter controls the exchange motor, the chain transmission system achieves fast and stable exchange of the table, stronger rigidity and higher precision, saving feeding time and the platform exchange only needs 10-15s.

  • High speed, it only needs 10s to exchange.

  • Stable, chain drive and it has the hard limit and soft limit, makes the platform more stable.

  • Double wedge locking cylinder can fix switching platform, more secure and stable;

  • The countertop roller adopts the eccentric wheel structure, which ensures the height of each wheel is consistent and plays the supporting role of each wheel.