Automatic focusing laser head

Laser Upgrades

Laser head professional transmission system (linear guide rail, ball screw, sensor head), laser focus adjustment, combined with servo motor drive mechanism, through the automatic sensor to sense the distance of the surface of the metal being cut, and transmit the data to the drive controller;And the data is transmitted to the drive controller: the distance between the follow-up laser head and the cut surface can be kept constant automatically avoiding the cutting accuracy due to the unevenness of the metal surface, and avoiding damage the nozzle and other parts.

1. Optimized design structure:Modular, easy to maintain, reduce downtime.

2. Multiple protective lenses:Three protective lenses, highly protective collimating focusing lens.

3. Durability: 2 channels of optical water cooling, effectively extend the continuous working time.

4. Highly dustproof:IP65 class dust proof, patent protection lens cover plate, dust proof without dead Angle.

5. Closed-loop step by step automatic focus: Adopt closed-loop stepper motor to avoid losing step effectively.

6. Focus speed 100mm/s, repeat accuracy 0.01mm.