Pipe laser cutting machine

Laser Upgrades

Pipe laser cutting machine is specially designed for pipes, which is easy to operate, improves cutting quality and improves cutting efficiency.


1.Self-centering pneumatic chuck, stable and reliable performance, double-acting elastic and adjustable clamping force.

2. Follow-up support system, the rotating pipe is automatically supported in real time to prevent the pipe from rotating excessively and improving the cutting precision.

3. Ergonomics design, fully enclosed protection of the cutting area, with a laser radiation observation window to ensure the operator's safety.

4. Front and back double fan dust removal function,realize the front and back ends of the cutting pipe to extract air,which greatly increases the dust removal effect of the cutting area.

5. Automatic lubrication system upgraded, increase gear and screw lubrication, regular quantitative supply of lubricants, extend equipment life time.

6. Intelligent monitoring system, tracking cutting status in real time, reducing the incidence of accidents.

7. Gas pressure detection system, follow-up height adjustment system and automatic seeking system upgraded to improve cutting effect and efficiency.